Sunday, October 24, 2010

hey :)

Tell me a story, thrill me with legends. I want to be INSPIRED. You, my readers, classmates, and friends. I want YOU to tell me something. I want to write like the paper in the world won't end. I want to write as if the lights and/or power will never go out. I WANT to write. I want to write about God, I want to write about the problems we say we can't solve, but the fact is we CAN. I want to write about the possibilities we have as a future. I want to have about LIFE, LOVE, and how much these things mean to me. I want to write about how being thankful for the least important things, can bring the greatest, most extraordinary change to your life. I want to write. I want inspiration. I want to dedicate my writings, to my most dearest and closest friends. I want to dedicate them to my family. I want to write. It is like I have a need of it. It is my way of venting. It is my gateway to relief...
-Camila Sosa Pacheco.